It’s good to talk……..


An early start today. As a natural early riser, I often find myself naturally wakening about 530/6 and I enjoy 20 mins reading the news and the chatter on twitter. I can’t believe amount of people who are up at that time and greeting stressed about work. I’ve found the more I get into term the less I am caring about paperwork and concentrating more on the experience in the class. So often we can get distracted by the ping of emails…..
Wee lady on great form in the morning, most def a morning bird like her mama. The chat while I am in the shower never fails to make me laugh and she really does have some imagination for a wee lady.
Dedicated 45 minutes first thing to eating back the mail then had a lovely time covering some of the sections in S1 and S2. What a hoot. The seniors were fab as ever and they really do make my day.
A good friend from the shire who is a linguist came to visit me at work to chat to weans and discuss some stuff with me. I loved the fact that he picked up on the buzz in the department. He gets all the shire patter and understands what it is like trying to balance being a working parent. We had a rare old discussion and some off the record discussion “entre nous”
He was interviewed by the weans and commented on just what superstars they were. To think that last year these bambinos were so shy, and now they are quite simply a joy.
Returned home to the wee lady racing up to meet me in her roller skates. Hump day so pizza and chatter before enough bubbles in the bath to rival any jacuzzi.
And to the best bit of the day, a coorie and watching her fall asleep. After a massive blether if course.

Mammy points – 9/10 still too long to be at work
Methodology points – chuffed as we did some debating in a French and weans wanted to do more, that should merit at least a 9.
Manolos not quite back into manolos but the Dorothys were on. Let’s say an 8.


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