Back in the day ………


It’s been a hoot listening to the weans talk about TV this week with some of them real fans of Dallas! We also talked about the golden girls as well. I have lovely memories of sitting with my wee mammy on a Wednesday night to watch Dallas at 8pm. It all seemed to glam and exotic to a wee hobbit. Back in the day. Enjoying some rare TV time as I listen to the wee lady snore and have decided that I just don’t have the brainpower to look at paperwork. Watching the new Dallas – I mean Christopher has grown up to be a handsome young man and Bobby still has a wee twinkle in his eye but it does seem awfully far fetched. A wee bit of escapism to it is a total hoot right enough.
Oh aye, and Sue Ellen is back on the drink.

A smashin day in work doing training with primary staff and a Rae 40 mins after work to have a cuppa before getting the wee lady. We walked back from her wee pals house through the park and again had a great time in the leaves and a wee hurl on the swings and chute ( the wee lady did too) wandering back to the house was great as we passed people we knew and waved into the cafés.

It’s funny how things that used to look so fantastic and massive take on a totally different perspective years later.
Aye, but Patrick Duffy still has a twinkle.

Mammy points still not happy with the early starts so 9/10
Methodology points – good fun training so most def an 8/10
Manolo points 10/10. Good day with purple sparkly flats…..


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