Parliamo Glasgow…….


Had the joy of having my smashing pal W in class with on Friday. I don’t have any of the wee tinnies this year (yes, first year) so it’s been great taking these classes for the baby in my dept who is off at the moment.( get well maja) W decided that he would pretend to be French and at one point I could actually hear the version of my favourite Beyoncé song ” all the Tena ladies” playing in my head. I dissolved laughing as we taught Spanish, cracked jokes in French and entered into the chatter with the weans. Of course they were full of the nonsense and asking if he could understand it…”haw big man” they were doing the and W happily obliged in his wonderful French accent. Our weans have use the phrase “heavy cheese” when they think something is cheesy and of course this had them rolling in their chairs as W repeated this. Then the worst of all ” ask him to say yer maw wears a denim trackie”pass-moi le Tena ladies please. A denim trackie? Really. I had heard them say things like ” yer maw wears high tech”
So eventually we were talking about how yer maw wears a denim trackie to go to the shops to buy swedgers and a heavy cheese.
The weans were asking why W didn’t find it funny. Bless him, you can tell he is an actor as I was literally having a breakdown and he kept a straight face right till the very end.

Go g straight for methodology points as it made me realise just how much I get outbox teaching with other colleagues. The look on the faces of the tinnies when W let fly with his best Glaswegian was priceless. Everyone should have a W in their team. 10/10.


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