World teacher day……


Yesterday was world teacher day and it got me thinking about my own journey as a teacher.
I must admit I had some of the most inspirational women as teachers both in primary and secondary.
We had formidable ladies in primary who wore high heel shoes, had the biggest buns in their hair without the use of a donut I may add, and were some of the most creative people I have ever met. I learned about plants from Mrs.Forde,music from Mrs.Devine, art from Mrs.Gaddis and how to write a good story from Mrs.Duffield. Primary was a joy and each of these ladies had a profound influence on me.
Secondary school was the first time I had seen a male teacher! I found most of them cold and all of a sudden I was out my wee primary bubble. Without a doubt the two teachers that really shaped how I now teach were Mrs.Benson and Mrs.Flynn. Both were my languages teachers and totally different in style but one thing the both had in common was their ability to nurture and inspire.
University brought even more teachers, totally different and again I found myself out my secondary bubble in a different one where again, I found to a wee bit cold and not very personal. Then as we progressed through uni we got to know the lecturers and yes, I am still in touch with some of them.
There are always two camps when it comes to the take on teachers- those who criticise and are keen to point out ” those who can, can, those who can’t, teach” and those that know just what it is to be in the privileged position of being a teacher. To have the joy of working with young people- to inspire, nurture, guide and even love.
Being a leader in a dept is a tough role, well for me. You want to keep all the rubbish away from your team, keep the workload even but also have high standards while allowing for teacher autonomy.
I don’t likes to micro manage my team and have never had to. I’m lucky.

So to all your teachers out there, happy teacher day. I hope you realise that no matter where you teach, every teacher matters.


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