Yes, it’s pretty much how we roll….


Mad Tuesday was not so mad. Mad enough though.
In work early to find one of my seniors waiting for morning blethers. We had a chat as I pottered and he did a bit of work. We had the music on and enjoyed the chat. Classes rolled on, the phone rang off the hook and the emails pinged in.
The primaries are up visiting and D worked her magic in class with them as I said hello to the parents and weans walking past. I have loved the way the senior pupils have been talking about the department to parents and one of them asked if I was the teacher that was always happy? Aws.
Very often D and I have a wee chat in the morning about lack of sleep, dealing with wee people and the we come to work and the face goes on.
How hard is it to do that when you secretly fancy a long lie, read of the papers and breakfast in bed?
We did find ourselves saying to parents, yes, it’s always like that and I do have to admit, I love it. Full on, high energy and the type of day that leaves you feeling like a burst ball.
Primary training was lovely. I absolutely love the group I have this year and they are really diverse. A new teacher joined tonight and she came up at the end and told me she had really enjoyed the class and found it really stimulating. I didn’t get through half of what I wanted, told stories about life in China and peppered it with chat about teaching and learning languages.
Just another day really.
Daddy picked me up and scooted home to the wee lady. Dinner with the folks the out to parents night. I am fit to burst with pride. It was a joy to read her work and look at how far she has come on. ( ok so I was secretly relieved she had not written about gin o’clock and had written about strictly come dancing) Her teacher described her as a wee doll.
Couldn’t put it better myself.
Just another day in the madhouse.

Mammy points – I’m going for 10/10 as I am so proud of my wee lady
Manolos – 4/10 as it was Birkenstocks – most def comfort over style
Methodology – a 10 hour shift, with lots of wee moments of joy, 8/10


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