A quick winch up a close…..



Today was a Tena lady day. I mean really. Proper laughing till I could’nt stop.
We had our associate primaries in visiting today and it was a joy to be able to chat to the weans and their parents. It was good to dispel the myths about language teaching and have the parents working too. The tinnies ( that’s not Australian beer – just to clarify for a certain person- that’s the wee people) were full of energy and up for the chatting!
I love the reaction to our corridor and classrooms. They are so vibrant and colourful and while there is of course paperwork I should do, I would far rather have the work on display!
The seniors were very pre occupied with the awards ceremony tonight so some of the classes were a write – off and sometimes it’s just knowing when that is the right thing to do.
A group of us headed off to the Glasgow film theatre to see a French film as part of a transition project to further and higher education. I was so proud to be with my kids- they really are a joy.
Met my smashing pal I and her kids and got the chat. We were with a big darling of a French pal of mine who takes the banter very well. I don’t see nearly enough of either of these to people but the weans had a wee treat of le banter.
We had a wee chat about coming to the cinema and how watching films are a great way to help your language skills. I also spoke about how coming to the GFT should be something they should enjoy. C was introduced as my big French pal and was very good with the kids. He works in higher education but a keen supported of the work we do in schools and I have been lucky enough to work with him for quite a while. I’ve spoken before about messages I keep on my phone but one was from him a long time ago before I went for an interview and it wed ” just go an enjoy it, people always enjoy listening to you, I even ran after you the first time I met you to give you my card.” And there was me thinking it was my stunning good looks and banter.
Anyhoos, I sat at the back and announced to the weans I was up the back row with a big French man. Cue the weans exploding with laugher and me having a ” did I just say that moment”
The film ( picture above) was absolutely brilliant but the thing that got me the most was the music. Some small tears and a genuine desire to see it again. I wasn’t sure how the kids were going to react to it but they loved it.
We did a wee discussion after it and they loved the fact they had been in the room just on their own with another school.
We talked about the differences in cinematography and of course, had to get in the fact that I thought the main character was heading for a winch up a close with the Japanese man before she was hit by the dry cleaning van.
This of course makes no sense unless you’ve seen the film.
At this point my weans exploded. Well, a winch is a winch, up a close or not. So I am told.
The French make it look so much better no?
Really enjoyed doing my double act with C – and of course when we said see you after and did the French bises the weans asked me if I had actually winched a French man……..
I mean really. As if. …….

Mammy points 0/10 as it was too long a day but I was the lingo mammy tonight at prize giving and did actually tell a parent that I was the day time mammy and thanked her for loaning me her wean.
Methodology 9/10 felt like I had been run over by a bus.
Manolos- still not into anything more adventurous than the click three times shoes. Hoping for heels tomorrow…..7/10


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