We could be heros…….



That pretty much describes the last week of term. Lots of work going on and some lovely wee moments but it did just about kill me. Thursday saw a new set of training started with primary teachers. It can be really difficult finding the oooomph after a day in front of the weans and meetings but face on and a patter injection and we were sorted. Unfortunately I got home and just fell into bed ( nae mammy points for that) Friday was another busy day and I took a body bag with me to work, not that I had planned to do a murder, but it is monitoring week so jotters home but the bag is staying closed till at least Thursday!
3pm came just in time as the body was betraying the smile and I had already been munching pain killers and disguising the straps on my joints with tights the looked like snoods!
Friday night saw the great and good assembled chez moi and of course there was indeed lot of teacher chat. The wee lady and I had tidied up ( hid everything in the oven, washing machine and my bedroom) baked cakes and made love heart cheesecakes, which went down well as we swapped stories about work load, monitoring, staff and general nonsense. The non teachers in the group indulged us but I did think, if I wasn’t a teacher would I trust my wean with these nutters? Everytime.
My darling Gaelic gymnast left at 2am and I pottered about tidying up and chatting with a fellow night owl as I had radio head on.
Don’t worry, I wasn’t near any sharp utensils.
Saturday ( on 4 hours sleep) saw the pilgrimage to the hobbit land to get the sunshine back in the hair and a bit of girly time. It was good to get FB to myself and we had a brilliant catch up.
Both talking of the challenges of working, being a mammy and getting it all right.(ish)
There were a couple of posts on twitter about the need for teachers to be brave. It got me thinking over the day about being brave. Then you have MPs suggesting we take a Hippocratic oath and get a compass. Aye.
I think I am a wee bit brave everyday. Sometimes. As a curriculum leader you need to make some brave decisions and mine are genuinely made with my children and staff right at the heart of it.
I took a fair bit of stick the past few weeks for taking the decision to keep external cover to a minimum due to absence so eventually it was a case of “run your department your way and leave me to run mine”
Being brave in education isn’t always easy but one of my favourite quotes is from one of my ladies when asked after a year of working with me how it was going and her answer was that I played by my own rule book.
Hmmmm. I think I make up the rules as I go along. Brave pants help.

Mammy points : going for full marks as she’s snoring on me.
Methodology points : based in the samba lesson with WT on Friday ( heavy cheese) most def a 9.
Manolo points minimal shoe wearing( yes sandals in October) as I am still not getting the toes into shoes, so we’ll suspend those points. The noo.

Happy holidays to all you smashing teachers out there. #wellearned


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