Are you listening? Really?…….


Really enjoying the holidays and although I currently sound like earth kit and have been asked several times if I have bubonic plague,it’s good to be relaxing and still in pjs at 930am.
Finally got round to reading the Sunday papers and there was the most wonderful article on Dame Evelyn Glennie. I have always been fascinated by her – her sense of musicality given she is profoundly deaf never fails to astound me. In this article she talks of how she refined her technique by listening with her whole body and how she want sot open a centre to teach people to listen properly. I can’t help it think it should be something we need as teachers, mammas, friends, human beings…..
As a musician I was always taught that the silence in a piece of music is as important as the notes you play. Just as in a conversation what you don’t say can be more important than what you do say.
This week has involved some very deep conversations about the future particularly about my professional future and some of the conversations involved me talking and mulling over things to necessarily needing an answer or if I am honest, to be listened to , but just to be heard.
Other conversations have needed me to really listen, and especially to the bits I knew were coming but didn’t want to hear.
I have lovely memories of coming home from school and sitting with mum round the table and talking about her day over a cuppa, with the wee lady she likes to go and lie on my bed and chat about her day. When she is sad about something she’ll ask to go to the bedroom and for a mummy cuddle to chat over what is upsetting her. She knows that she has me all to herself, with no distractions.
When I first started teaching I did t even have a TV and listened to a lot of music. I have always been an active listener of music and it does often move me to the point of tears and sometimes I need to practice that when it comes to listening to people. (I’ll try really hard not to cry though!)
Listening is a skill that need to be taught and is also a gift.
This week I can’t smell, talk or hear too well. I think people are enjoying the peace.
Holidays rock.


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