She must be the female, she has better feathers at the back…….


I really hope you have the clip playing while you read this! What a tune I even recall my dad asking for this as a dedication to my mum one night. Enough of that tho…..
Anyhoos, last night I discovered twilight. How did I miss that? I mean really. There I was in my pjs at my pals house ( two grown up girls I may add) full of the teenage angst for Bella. What to do? A big handsome vampire that’s moody and prone to sneaking in while you are sleeping or a wolf that is and I quote ” buff” and fairly handy in a fight? Appearances can be deceiving!
The wee lady and I were out and about this afternoon and it was only on leaving the house we both started laughing, despite the 32 year age gap we were out in the same clothes. Pink Wellies, fleece and jeans. She pipes up,” mum, people will think we are sisters!”
It made me laugh, given that she is a cut down version of me. I remember being told a long time ago that I should be dressing for the job I want. Reminds me of the joke about getting into trouble for coming to work dressed as cat woman…..
We walked round the park and spotted the swans. She piped up that the lady swan was the one with the good feathers at the back.
A very good friend of mine told me I had a the great quality of always looking like I didn’t have a clue and that I played right up to it. I don’t think that is a bad thing. It’s amazing what a few flowers in your hair, pink wellies and a rucksack can do.
There may be an old hippy thing going on but my little lady still thinks I have the best feathers.
Apparently you can tell…….

Now, back to twilight.

Oh yes, have done not a jot of work yet. Fairly liberating – but lots of time to think and throw glitter at the new set of creative plans.


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