A professional knight in shining armour…..



Well today has been the closing of a chapter for me professionally. My very own knight in shining armour who made it all ok when it went a bit Peter Tong has retired. Early retirement I must point out ( you know who you are JW)
In first met this knight years ago when I was staff tutor and hadn’t learned to wind it in. I was quite cheeky ( moi? Perish the thought) a very intense and deep man( oh my, could be that vampire thing going on) who quite frankly frightened me.
I moved positions and found myself working diagonally across from him ( when he was in!) and even listening to the way he spoke to people on the phone used to make my hair stand on end. I think Alex Ferguson learned how to do the hair dryer treatment from my pal. As our professional collaboration continued I discovered that he was one of the most outrageous people I had ever had the joy of working with.
We became pals and he was ok with the mental hair and flowers.
I then decided I’d had enough of and environment that I felt I couldn’t be myself in. An environment where I allowed myself to compromise on the very things that made me the bag of frogs I am. I decided I had to get out and there he was like my very own professional knight in shining armour. Took all the professional rubbishness away and took on a few people who needed a quiet word.
A favourite time was a meeting with some press where I was being usual daft self and told a fairly prolific journalist that his info was”guff”
The press officer was beyond herself laughing as I was being serious. We then talked figures for an article, and the journalist asked me to repeat them. To which my darling knight pipes up ” the lady said…..” All very rock and Doris.
And I loved it!
As he was around in school to see me the weans asked if he was my “man” which gave us no end of hilarity but we did end up leaving messages for each other signed the wife and yer man.
Aye, easy pleased.
The thought of a) not having a professional meeting where we take the Micky out of people round about us and pass comment about outfits fills me with dread
B)getting home in his car and not being wrapped round a lamppost is a bonus
C)not having someone with bigger professional shoulders to catch me and not laugh makes me want to stick my head in the oven

However. This was the knight in the shining armour who gave me time to grow professionally.
Blame him.


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