It’s not the best technically, but it captures a moment…..


Oh do I have the fear about going back to work? Although I did a wee day in HQ it’s amazing how you get out of the rhythm very easily.
I was doing some monitoring this week and ended up looking at about 150 jotters from across a year group and it’s good to get a wee snap shot of where they all are.
It got me thinking about 3 of my very good friends who are photographers. Very different type of photographers but when it comes to the technical side of it they are real professionals and have a real eye for detail. They talk about light,position and catching a moment. I makes me laugh when they start talking technical about their photos and to be fair, it does sound like another language but the joy they get from the process and final photo is immense.
On of my friends spoke to me about the moonlight just being right, another of how the camera phone caught a giggle.
With digital cameras and phones we can easily erase the photos we don’t like and kids in primary school are more than adept at photo shop et al.
I love photos of people and don’t get the technical side of it if I am honest, although I don’t mind asking for an airbrush to a size 8 and the taming of the hair.

I didn’t do an airbrush on the homework I looked at but I did give a wee comment that captured a moment and a few pointers for moving forward. Looking at jotters gives us a wee snapshot of SOME of the learning going on in class and while it’s not always the most technically gifted, it captures a moment.
Full service with happy smiley ratings back tomorrow.


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