Let me be clear……….autumn and all that…..



And so it begins.
An interesting day but it did start off with having the fear of going back to work after a week off.
Weans in from 730am for coffee and a quiet place to work. The email in box exploded the our systems went down by 9am. No internet, email of phone lines.It was bliss!
It made for a quieter department as usually we have the music going and the kids were asking for it!it’s great that they do as a big part of our cultural input is music and lifestyle.
I did a bit of paperwork then headed off to a meeting that inmost admit I was not looking forward to.
The pearls were on. Only a single string though, so wasn’t planning on doing a murder or breaking news that was TOO bad.
A delicate staffing situation that required every bit of tact and diplomacy I had. ( not known for it)
One thing that did have me fairly het up was a staff member complaining about the number of students opting for languages and in the same breath asking for smaller class sizes and support to do multi level teaching.
Eh, hello? I found myself saying things like, let me be frank, and let’s speak clearly.
Explaining about things such as pupil role, curriculum structures and contextualisation was like peeing in the wind,
Sometimes you have to “speak clearly” and it was a case of don’t complain about the job you pick up a salary for. Bums on seats = jobs. Well it is for our subject. Sell, sell , sell.

I had the joy of picking up the wee lady and we headed off the park. Fed the swans ( v.tame and came right to our feet!,) we had a wee go on the swings and see saw ( about as close to exercise as I plan on getting) we then had as the wee lady calls it ” adventure time” We played hide and seek,kicked he leaves and talked about all the wee animals, she informed that they squirrels were getting ready to “huggle in” for the winter with their supplies. Where does she get this stuff.

Mammy points – def a 9/10
Methodology – 9/10- teaching without tech, was a joy.
Manolos – 8/10 still not back in heels yet……


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