Keep on moving……..


Mad Tuesday was a little more sedate today. Skipped into school and found myself on the phone from 750 saying things like I simply can’t move that commitment, and please do accept my apologies blah blah blah. What can you do.
It is infuriating to listen to I know and I often get a taste of my own medicine with emails that are the same. The pressures of balancing it all make us do and say daft things.

Nice start to the day with seniors there my lovely 3rd years. The Most infuriating thing for me is that there are a few boys who have massive potential yet are no where near realising it. They will mess about when you give them the sanctions they buckle but feel the need to make a big scene. Then they try to escalate by doing that stand big thing they teach squaddies to do.Seriously son, come back to me when you are shaving then I’ll be frightened. I got the whole thing of “you never explain things, you never listen,” yep. That would be me. So why is it the other 32 in the class managed the task? Do they speak my language? And the. He gets to the point where he can’t de escalate a situation and the language goes, the temper starts and he ends up crying.
Then I feel awful for the whole of 2 seconds and try the restorative tact when secretly I am hoping he will just stay outside the class and give me peace. It’s been interesting to see his peers disassociate themselves from him. He’s manageable.
Spent break with one of my superstars who is having some trouble of the heart. You forget just how accute breaks up can be when you are young. Let fly with a few of the stories from back in the day which raised a few smiles and it was just nice to see a smile and have a’s funny how weans think you were born old and never had a life.
I then had some serious professional dialogue which was long over due and a total joy to have with one of my ladies. We talked about what had been the good things and most enjoyable over the past session. Words like teaching and learning, curriculum, weans all spring to mind.
We spoke of the experience for children up being positive so at least they don’t come up the stairs dreading it. Same for staff to be honest. We should feel like that given the amount of time we spend at work.
Primary training was a hoot and I really love this bunch. They are on the ball indeed!
Tuesdays are always far too long tho. Wee lady on great form as the grandparents where here so she had been totally indulged. And why not.
I am now deciding between marking, emails or sleep…….

Mammy points 7/10 too long a day
Methodology 8/10 not bad at all but could have done a bit better,
Manolo Points 9/10 wee pink floral numbers that have previously scored 9.


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