Twinkle twinkle………


Apologies, not as many posts as usual. Sinusitis and sleep deprivation. To be honest, if I could have put a pin in my face to take away the pressure then I would have! Training without being able to feel half your face is certainly interesting…..more about that later.
Took the wee lady to Rainbows and eh, that didn’t end well. Despite knowing quite a lot of the wee girls there, as I crept out she was howling. I ended up feeling like the worst mother on the world. Went back to get her and despite the fact she was ok, she promptly told me that it was very nice but she didn’t want to go back. She is very much her mama’s daughter. We walked home and there are some trees near us covered in fairly lights, and she pipes up “mummy, it’s a fairy trampoline” love it.
Work has been interesting this week. I’ve not felt on top form physically so it’s hard to keep up to the usual level of nonsense.
We had a visiting teacher from another authority with us for a day and it was great getting another perspective and being able to chat with another languages teacher. You can see the lights are beginning to come on for some of the seniors who are crashing some of the languages. It usually takes till about now and it was really sweet to hear them going over their verbs.
There were some leadership meetings and I disgraced myself ever so slightly by reacting when I should have known better. Sometimes you just have to vent a tiny wee bit.
Wednesday night was rubbish for sleep as the pressure in my face was unbearable. Maybe that’s what Botox feels like? No Ta. The wee lady got up and was such a sweetie, rubbing my face and had a wee coorie in.
Work was ok in school then I was delivering 4 hours of training. Was most def not at my best and a cranky janitor didn’t help. Cancelled some meetings and ended up in bed for 730pm.
A national meeting this morning and I really had to bite my tongue! A few of my colleagues even commented on how quiet I had been. 2 reasons a) if I had started, I would not have stopped. B) it hurt too much.
Do you ever feel like some people genuinely just don’t have a clue?

Looking forward to a weekend of time with the wee lady and my face feeling normal again.

Mammy points – should be wee lady points as she looked after me.
Methodology – 7/10 maybe an 8
Manolos – 9/10 had quite a few comments on the red Dorothy ones.


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