How’s yer gin?………tanned.

Some serious lack of posting, normal service is resumed!
Well it’s the start of the most stressful week for me as we are building up to the national conference on Saturday and I don’t mind saying that I am still worried.
Worried that I will swear, worried that I’ll have my frock stuck in my knickers and worried that I will just sleep in.
Oh well.
Weekend was busy. Saturday was spent being domestic but I did indulge in about an hour of piano playing. Getting ready for a very special wedding and a few new pieces to learn.
5pm on Saturday was aperitif time and I introduced the wee lady to this. Later on OH asked how my gin and tonic was and the answer was that it was “tanned” ie finished so time for another.
Sunday was serious piano playing and then the cinema.
Work this week is bonkers. I can’t keep up with the amount of emails I am getting at the moment. A colleague sent another colleague a message saying they felt ignored as I hadn’t responded quickly enough to emails and considered that they were getting ignored. Really? Really?
The quicker you usually reply the more people expect it!
Lots of wee things to deal with today and then off to visit a school that is waiting on the inspectors. Stress levels are high and you do need to ask is it worth it?
They won’t care about the angles of displays, or the smell in the class, are weans safe, sound, achieving? Are staff safe, sound and inspired?
Anyhoo……nightcap anyone?

Mammy points 7/10 too early a start and too late a finish
Methodology points 8/10 a balancing act going on today
Manolo points 8/10


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