Waiting for the light to turn green….



Wednesday. Hump day. Pizza day. Waiting at traffic lights mostly day.
Yes, I am one of those people who waits for the green man even when there is nothing coming. I have got so into the habit of it with the wee lady, and if I am out on my own it’s still the same. As it should be of course!there may be other tinnies round about watching, so best to set a good example……

Well found myself at a pretty high level meeting today and was totally underwhelmed at the lack of scones. I mean I travelled 1 1/2 hours to be there and all I got was a Tupperware box of rich teas and a few penguins. Really??
That chat was interesting. It I don find myself questioning how people who were once on the shop floor teaching can then lose sight very quickly of what life at the chalk face can be. I’m not saying I did have a rant and I’m not saying that I didn’t stamp my feet……
Had some time between meetings and catching my train home to get inspiration for. A wee article I need to write.
I then went to meet my professional friend and over a sneaky GnT mulled over the events of the day as well as some other nonsense.
We did come to the conclusion that so many people are desperate to be recognised for the job they do, and yet often it’s the people who just go about their work who are the ones we should be recognising as examples to follow.
It can be like that with weans. The ones who don’t engage as much get special measures, the academic performers get rewarded and then there ares the wee ones who just work away and don’t present any problems ……..

Mammy points 8/10 still too long a day
Methodology points no score as no teaching
Manolos 9/10 for most of the day as I have managed to get back into heels. I confess to having my flats for walking to train stations……..


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