It’s oh so quiet…….

No, I didn’t have a sore head but there was indeed a lot going on today. It was another early start and then some time spent with the school bambinos. Had to actually do the job I am paid for and teach. Two higher sets and we were looking at healthy lifestyles ( pies, irn Bru and beans, washed down with buck fast and and a few ciggies) I of course was setting a great example by having my third coffee by 10am.
Great training today and a chance to catch up with some people I had trained in Spanish a number of years ago. We worked through planning and delivering languages to tinnies was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.
More twilight training and the janitor smiled, albeit through gritted teeth which was indeed in starts contrast to his “I don’t need to be here hen ” attitude from the week before. Seven new trainees who looked like rabbits caught in headlights.
The wee lady had her school Halloween disco and we got ready and arrived and she turned on her heel, burst into tears and announced it was too loud. No amount of cajoling or bribery with sweeties was going to get her to go in. To be fair, it was very loud and pretty dark. So we wandered home, she had jelly tots for a treat and she was in bed pretty soon after it after some serious mama hugs.
It’s nice to be quiet some times. I find that hard right enough.

Mammy points – jelly tots – that merits at least a 9
Methodology – lots of different methodologies going on – at least an 8
Manolos – wee red ones again, 8.


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