Back to reality


And so it goes.
Honestly, what a mental fabulous and crazy week. It was a bg week for the languages family and I was being hostess extraordinaire to he lovely JD who was staying. I always worry when people come to visit as they are definitely coming to a home not a show house. A home where you are just as likely to find glitter on the floor along with drawings, pine cones and a copy of the newspaper. No denying a wee lady lives here.
Lots of wee snatched conversations and rushing about in the house trying to keep it all as normal as possible for the wee lady.
Friday saw me at a meeting and it did make me laugh as people introduced themselves and I pretended I was James Bond and said I was an international badly behaved child.
Oh well.
Saturday saw my very first publication in the national press and I don’t mind saying I was a wee bit nervous about the reaction it would get. Not about the content but about the style.
Glad to say the people that matter got it and my fellow language professionals got it. Genuinely don’t give a rats about anyone else but it was interesting to see the twitter debate and I did switch off from it. Honestly. Leave the teaching to people who love it and get back in yer box.
National conference went well – actually had red SPARKLY shoes on. The type you would wear going to your bed in yer Jammies as they are THAT GOOD.
Getting together with a bunch of like minded professionals was just what I needed. We had lots of indifferent ideas and sessions from other teachers and it was just the wee boost we all needed.
The celebrations after it – aye. Enough said. Home too old for all that ( well I was on sat)
Sunday was nice as I managed to get a good blether with JD about life and managing wee people and work. It doesn’t get easier but I do find that I go through wee bursts where I fling the royal two fingers at work for some much needed family time.
Anyhoo…..Sunday saw some shopping to get fairy wand. Yes. Fairy wands, doesn’t everyone teach the imperfect and perfect tense with them?
Soup kitchen was busy and cold and lots of different people with different stories and needs. We had a new volunteer in the shape of one of my seniors and she was an absolute star. So natural and not in the least not fazed.
Today at work was bonkers it’s observation time so I did 4 and taught 4 classes the scooted off to a meeting.
And now,my favourite time of all. Listening to the wee lady sleep and thinking I’ll have 5 minutes more………

Mammy points 8/10 ( too long away on sat)
Methodology 10/10 I mean wands……bonus points
Manolos 200/10 for those red shoes


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