Take these broken wings…..



It just takes one tube to make what is a mental day even worse. Mad Tuesday indeed lived up to the usual expectations. I thought I was looking fairly smart only to be asked what airline I was working for. The higher class were a delight as ever. Fairy wands out as we worked through the imperfect and perfect tense. The weans even had their tiaras on. Aye, seniors.
The mad boys were indeed mad and we worked through an observed lesson with the HT. Despite being a mathematician he got the processes I was going through with the children and seemed to have enjoyed it.
Lunch was mix Of weans, emails, and phone calls. After school there was a tiny run in. It absolutely drained me of any energy. I would probably go as far as comparing this person to a death eater from Harry Potter: you know the type that steal your joy. Still, could be worse as a pal reminded me, could be playing with buses all day.
Training was brilliant and had a good old giggle with the trainees.

However, my heart has been a wee bit heavy as I broke the news about my job change to two of my superstars. I have watched these two from S3 and how they have grown. They had no confidence and now they are just so bright and bubbly and just a joy. One of them showed me her journal from her pre entry to teaching course she is doing and I cried my eyes out. It’s amazing what the kids pick up from us. In her journal she had written about how I am her favourite teacher and why. Cue tears snotters the lot. She had broken wings before, now they are mended and she is flying. My job there is indeed done.Nearly.

Mammy points 9/10 we did sparklers the lot
Methodology 9/10 not a bad teaching day, the wands and Spanish artists are surely worth some extra points
Manolo points – 8/10 wee flowery numbers that have previously scored 8.


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