Really? Aye? Cares not a jot……


Aye. There is nowt as queer as folk. I know I get paid to teach weans to talk in different languages but where do people get off having a good old bitch or pretending they know you or what it’s like to be you. Oh aye, and having not a problem throwing you under a bus as it makes them feel better about their own insecurities or personal failures.
A very good friend of mine described rumours as something in class – you fart in class and by the time it comes to break you’ve clearly had a full-scale toilet disaster. Cannae beat adding a bit of artistic licence to a story. Some people just need tasered. Or slapped in the face with a chair. Several times.
Oh I am feeling violent.
The de mentor from yesterday apparently had been at it with other staff and was doing the same with weans. Wonder if they drive a big car……
I was struggling when I got to training tonight but as ever, it made me giggle and we had a laugh as we looked at early language learning and sang along with
Barney el camion. I love it when trainees get it…..they understand the key principles about wee people and language learning. We spoke of facial gymnastics, the silent period, receptive and productive skills and the how we need to go from listening to comprehension to production and how to encourage weans to be confident.
A cold night but a wee stroll into town after training and then some green and blacks certainly made for a good end to the working day.
Then sitting with the wee lady as she fell asleep. Bliss.

Mammy points 8/10 too long a day
Methodology points 8/10
Manolo points 7/10 not so exciting but looking forward to some major points at the weekend…


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