A star is born……



Ooooft, what a busy few days. I seem to have been spending a lot of time saying goodbye and congratulations to people as they move on to new chapters. It’s hard professionally when you realise that people you love working with won’t be there to hold your hand when you need it. Despite my best efforts at pretending I can do it all, I quite like that there is always someone else to rely on! I had the joy of meeting a new colleague this week with whom I am really looking forward to working with. We have quite a lot of shared history and people and that always makes it easier to break the ice. He spoke of how he’s just been left in a wee office to crack on with things and he certainly has done but that must be hard when you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of.
The wee lady wasn’t well again and it’s the age old balancing act. No question this time and the work was emailed in and I stayed with her. I do feel guilty when I am not in work but again, while I am in I’ll try to give 100% and when I’m not there you have to hope that whoever is in front of your weans in school is doing the same.

Friday was a retirement and that was a bizarre experience. Always interesting to see people you work with or have some kind of professional association with socially……
Yesterday was a hen day that was great fun. The girls gave our P a great send off. Afternoon tea and lots of bubbles. The EMA awards were on and quite a few of the stars were staying where we’re having our afternoon tea. We rolled up to a red carpet – couldn’t have asked for a better entrance for our girl! Lots of fans waiting outside and there were cries of check out the shoes….yes major Manolo points yesterday. I can’t feel my feet at the moment so that’s a good thing no?

Mammy points – 8/10 the crazy weeks are over now, thank god,
Methodology – no mark for that today
Manolos. ‘Most def a 10


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