Wide awake…..



Finally tracked down this tune , trust the wee lady to know it. Don’t you hate it when you have not got a clue about the music of the young people? A brilliant tune which sums up about 20 hours of my day. Loving the video for it perhaps as I enjoyed a wee chance for some serious mamma time and we watched Malificent with Angelina Jolie. Loved the twist in it and between that and Frozen, it’s good to see true love being promoted between families rather than some big chiselled boy on a horse in a pair of trousers that look like they have been shrunk in the wash.

Just been chatting to a really good friend of mine who has recently returned to mainstream teaching and she needed a blether. We spoke about interpersonal relationships at work and the barriers that prevent us from teaching. We also spoke about the fact that sometimes people just need tellt that are being twats. It’s not always that easy I know and to be honest I am the first to avoid confrontation. Learned that it’s easier to be frank and honest and always try to behave in a way yer mammy would be proud of. One thing I did chat about with my pal is the amount of sleep I lose worrying about my weans from school. Worrying about them getting fed, or something I said,or how they looked…..
I wish I could compartmentalise it, but I can’t and that’s not a bad thing as it makes me who I am. Aye, in for a penny, in for a pound.
Sleep is of course over rated.
I’m pretty much a 5 hour girl but am getting better at relaxing. Sp it all evens out. I did yoga a long time ago and enjoyed the meditation as I used it to help me sleep! Now I just read the news and that helps…….
I saw a beautiful quote about how the minds of soul mates are connected from birth so when you can’t sleep then your soul mate doesn’t either. Poor thing, must be shattered……I blame the weans. Couldn’t thinks of a better reason to lose sleep, wouldn’t it just be great if they knew that we really do care?


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