Who knows where the time goes?


I absolutely love this tune. It takes me back to summer times with my very bestest pal from the shire and things like T in the park where we would camp or attend gigs and just chill out. Summer times when you are on holiday and caring not a jot. It’s dark and I know a lot of my pals are struggling with the lack of sunlight. Who knows where the time goes?
I do I find my self saying that nearly every day. I’m not saying I have been in my jammies since 530pm. I’m just saying it’s a possibility….

Monday was not a bad day. The inbox has been tamed and things are strolling on not too daly but am currently buckling a wee bit with a transition of remits that looks like lasting a bit longer than I am physically able to cope with. Anyhoos….got the chance to teach some kids that I had taught last year and it was a hoot. Also had a visit from a colleague in another authority and it was lovely to share the chat and talk about the madness that is teaching and being a mammy and all together now, getting it right.

I also find myself asking where did the time go when you realise you are 4 months into the academic year having left the summer behind. How did that happen? And how you are able to move on, embrace the change and see a clearer path. ( and have a wee giggle that you made it)

I picked the wee lady up from gymnastics and we headed for coffee and cakes and some time on our own as I attempted to keep her awake!
So she’s snoring now, I am actually in my pjs and I am actually drinking tea as I contemplate the paper mountain.
Where did today go?

Mammy points 9/10
Methodology 8/10
Manolos 8/10 back to flats…..I suspect that toe hadn’t actually healed


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