Aye miss, but she’s got her t£?#s oot …..



Mad Tuesday. What a hoot. I think I may have picked up my jaw….
As it was Remembrance Day, things were a bit more somber in school but no less active. The lovely higher class worked on some world war 1 french poetry and they did really well.it’s pretty hard for them to conceptualise what it must have been like. A few trips to Ypres have given me perhaps more of an insight into the scale of destruction from WW1.
On to the mad squad – first set were fine but the second set were outrageous. To the point I thought I need to leave the room to have a moment…..
We have been looking at different Spanish artists and focussing on Picasso. Seemed quite apt to talk about why they don’t have Remembrance Day on Spain. We hen spoke about Guernica and what happened during the civil war. It’s always been a big love of mine and if I ever get the opportunity I would love to do some research into the Spanish Civil War. Anyways, had a great lesson all planned with the Guernica painting and I can only describe it as going t$#ts up. Literally.
We did some back ground and language for symbolism. I gave them out the picture of Guernica and the first thing a wee boy spotted,yes the woman who was bare chested.
Check her out, she’s got her ……ENOUGH! So talked round the symbolism of the woman with her dead baby I her arms and the loss of hope and life etc, aye but miss, she’s still got her……
Aye. You are not wrong son but I’m trying to have a moment here.
Teenage boys, a Picasso painting and a bare chested woman. I asked for it really.

Mammy points – rubbish points as Tuesday is too long
Methodology points – should get danger money for that class
Manolo points – should probably get bonus points for not peeing myself and ruining my shoes.


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