Aye, superwoman for a mammy?



Funny few days. A wee bit of a rollercoaster and if i am honest, couldnt actually face writing or sharing the nonsense that was going on. However, i am out the end of the tunnel and laughing about it.
The weans were mental – i mean proper mental which brought as many laughs as it did frustration if i am honest. The most difficult thing for my younger weans is remembering there are consequences to acting like eejits. They also forget that most teachers have ears finally tuned to hear swearies or stories about stuff they should be 16 to do. (Child protection etc!)
A parents night is always fun and it was lovely to see so many parents again who were as happy to see me as i was them. I always remember that during the day i’m possibly the nearest thing they have to a mammy.
I had a sticky staff situation which has tortured me for a few days and has probably taken till tonight to feel better about.
Why didnt they teach me that i cant control how people react in teacher training. Now, lets be honest, we all like to think we are a one man/wummin show and that no one is quite like us – but in being a whirlwind in and out of places, it doesnt build capacity ….
I was on the end of some difficult emails and with me it’s’two options a) you get it back with bells on or b) greet.
I greet a lot.
B won.
However, in visiting another school, i was in the waiting are only to be asked by some wifie if i was from “take a drink”
Quite frankly i’d’have given you my spleen for a stiff gin at that point.
Did make me laugh.

Playing on my mind has been the wee lady. We’ve been at the docs as i’m really concerned about her ENT/sleeping pattern etc. So a bit of talking some things thro and its looking like a poss stay in for some monitoring for a sleeping condition. Ffs.
Spent most of last night prodding her to make sure she was still breathing.
A friend whom i dont see a lot of but is in touch by yon email was asking after her and i was explaining and it was simply enough to give me the wee lift i needed (after a half hour greeting at my computer) “it’s’a good job she has superwoman for her mammy”
Not so super, but most definetly trying!!


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