It’s ok mum, I can manage…..


What a weekend……
I may gloss over lots of details but it was fun-filled with family and friends and there were indeed shenanigans behind the big red door as we celebrated. The wee lady has not slept particularly well, neither had her mammy but then mine was indeed self-inflicted – I will sit up blethering…..
I had lots of really good chats with lots of friends who are all teachers and it’s clear that the stress levels are high. Stories were swapped and re told and there indeed a few tena ladies moments. It was the first time my big brother had been to one of our get togethers in a while and he spent most of the time shaking his head at his wee sister the same way he did when I was a teenage……oh well!

Today was a lovely day( after the carnage of the house was sorted) and the wee lady and I are were out at the park. We wandered,chatted in Spanish
And then she made a bee line for the playground.
I always find it hard with some of the pushy mums……their poor children have names you can’t even spell never mind say. Wee lady was on a wee spinning cup and she pipes up with “mummy, what does eye candy mean?” Oh Michty. Only to realise it was I-candy which is a make of pram….
She was climbing and I went to help and she told me that it was ok, she could manage. Was it ok to feel proud and sad at the same time?
It’s that same wee moment you get when your weans at school finally get it, a wee lightbulb moment. Or like the time one of my pupils who had been caught in a tasering incident told me that he needed time to get things sorted for his speaking test and that it was ok he could do it.
Do teachers ever get that sense of pride and sadness at the same time – like watching your wee lady grow up, you watch your big weans do the same.

Mammy points – 10/10 for going on the swings
Methodology – suspended
Manolos – well I did have the red sparkly ones (nice oan) and then some very sensible outdoor shoes on Sunday but I’m most def worth a 9!


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