You are a superstar….


This tune takes me back to the days when I could do 3 nights out in a row with my partner in crime. The code phrase was a few beers but we knew that meant we would end up shaking the shammy in the dancing and not settling for anything else than being fabulous.
Being fabulous is what every wee person we work with needs us to be. Even when we feel extremely far from fabulous.
I’m lucky that I work with a very fabulous bunch of ladies and we often have visitors into the department to see what it is we actually do. Well, we are fabulous and we like to sing a bit.
It’s amazing that I can ask any of them if they mind a visitor and they will always reply it’s nae bother and they will be their best self.
Some people bring out your best self. Then there are some people who bring out the worst in you too.
A recent visitor to the department was commenting on different teaching styles she had seen and how my class was a fairly noisy class but the kids were all engaged and learning and in fact it was the boisterous boys ( well it is mad Tuesday) who were engaging much more than the passive girls sitting at the back.
How much do I work on bringing out the best in them? They were not born to be mediocre either.
I suppose it is something I work on with the wee lady and making sure she knows that it is important to try your best, not being the best but trying.
I had a lovely chat at the weekend with a close friend of the family and we were talking of how easy it is to go down a particular career path because it is easy and perhaps expected. He wasn’t born to be mediocre either ( and most def is not) but perhaps his best self wasn’t encouraged at school.
Hello superstars. You know who you are!

Mammy points – 10/10 found then missing homework jotter
Methodology points – I feel like a burst ball so must have been ok 8/10
Manolos – 5/10 poor effort today but alas the bones went on strike!


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