Gin and tasers……


Never mind mental Tuesdays, Wednesday was a total hoot.Not!
Well, it was ok. Lots of wee snatched conversations here and there with the girls as I tried to overtake a bunch of admin tasks. The third years were their usual bonkers selves and one of my usual suspects would himself up to the point he could come back down. That escalation of behaviour is always a challenge but sometimes you wish you could film it to show them back and say, calm doon!
My higher class were working with the French assistant in the afternoon and they seemed really subdued, so cups of tea all round seemed to lift them. I think we forget sometimes the weans can get down or are often tired and the lack of light is really having an impact in the afternoon.
I was in the base doing yet another nonsense admin task when the immortal words were uttered that all we needed today were gin and tasers.
Yes, I know I work in the right place!
I had staff training after school and it’s always good but that five minutes before it always fills me with dread as I make sure I have everything I need!
They are a smashing bunch I have at the moment and it makes it much easier to work with people who really want to be there and improve their practice.
Caught up with my pal for a coffee after it and enjoyed some tunes and some very nice cappuccino as we chatted over the joys of nae sleep, working and getting some serious down time. A small voice of reason in a mental working week. Wednesday is always pizza night and the wee lady was shattered when I got in.
Not so tired that she couldn’t write her letter to Santa…….already…..

Mammy points 9/10
Methodology points 7/10
Manolo points 8/10 still flats…….


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