Pleased to meet you ……..


Staffrooms. Weird places quite frankly and sometimes I can understand why new build schools don’t have a big communal one.
I was out and about today and had been asked to help out in a primary who were doing a big event. I was papped up into a staff room that was full and honestly you would have thought my diet had worked so well that you couldn’t actually see me. Imagine. Now let’s not kid ourself, I’m no wall flower nor am I a size 6. ( don’t actually think my leg is even a size 6)
However,as soon as I have a guest in the department, the girls usually beat me to it and the kettle is on. I then will take them to meet the SMT if they are free as it’s nice to be nice. I felt so uncomfortable in this staffroom that I went outside to do some work. Not really. The teacher I was working with came out and was mortified. Anyhoo, declined the afterthought of tea and did the magic with the tinnies. Too funny to have them sitting holding your leg while you are telling a story! There the should have been an hour of a class with the seniors but there was something else happening and it was all very haphazard. Got them in for 35 mins and we moved through a lesson on samba rhythms as quick as a Brazilian dancer shaking her shammy. Kids were great but I had forgotten just how much you need to control a lesson when there are percussion instruments, foreign language and oh aye, it’s 245pm. Total belter of a lesson and I was really pleased with it. Job done, class over, voici la porte au revoir. Or we could have tea. No. Too late. Not even a it of chocolate cake would have made it ok.
“Are you a peri teacher?” Yes, sure am. Eh no actually. Should it matter?
Anyway, mine is tea( as I have too much coffee) just milk.

Mammy points 8/10 too long a day
Methodology points samba ya bamba 10/10
Manolos 8/10


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