I’m every woman….



A wee evening spent with the folks and listening to the wee lady snoring. Friday was a good day at work and a chance to catch up with the weans and also chat to some other classes and get in and about the work they were doing. I do confess to howling with laughter as I attempts to reprimand some weans for some inappropriate language and attitudes but on a Friday at 2.45pm, grannies are pretty much being sold to get out on time.
Today i attended a national meeting about languages and were talking of the CPD we would be doing and nailing down dates for next year.
Some very in depth chat but the interesting thing as most of the people in the group are do-ers. So if they have offered to provide training or the like, I know they will.
Home to the folks and house full of nephews. Being their favourite auntie I love to give them a big hug and kiss and remind them I am their favourite. (-;
We had fireworks and then the wee lady (5) sat with her feet on the foot spa.
X factor had a great version of the tune for today’s blog – and I couldn’t help but think it described all the good ladies in my life. Wan salutes wan. Yer every wummin.


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