Writing to reach you…..


Reports. I much preferred when we could hand write them! It just seemed so much more personal. And easier. I remember the first set of reports I had to write as a probationer and I was quite excited. Looking back they probably meant nothing as I tried to use as many big words as I could. I had about 70 reports to write for last Friday and the deadline just sneaked up and bit me on the bum. I pretended to myself that I would do them at the weekend but eh, I didn’t. The new set out of reports means you can have a wee look at other reports that people are writing.it never ceases to amaze me that people do the mass cut and paste, don’t change the genders of who they are writing about and don’t run a spell check. Ok so pot kettle black when it comes to spelling but really?
I remember really struggling to think what to write for a boy as it was all a bit bleak. My mentor suggested I could just write this boy had nice teeth. Indeed.
I know first hand just how important the school report is and that as a parent I really want to know if my wee lady is settling, progressing, and what can I do to help her at home.
So with that in mind, I managed to get my reports done.
Tuesday was mad. Detentions at break, phone calls at lunch, then training with my primary trainees. It was a bit like fight club. The rules- what happens at training stays at training. The stories were immense and it fair cheered me up.
Tuesday, consider yourself put back in your box.

Mammy points – 7-8/10 too long a day but I did manage to do the pony tail in the morning
Methodology points – 8/10 not a bad day
Manolos – Dorothy shoes 8/10


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