Do you two want a room?

Cannot beat a 4am start. I would prefer to sleep but I am clearly not speaking the same language as sleep at the moment. In fact I think you could say we are not entirely on speaking terms to be honest. Woke up and was wide awake so did a wee hour of catch up TV. There was snagging voice telling me to check my email or do some marking but I was very good and drank tea and watched the newsroom.
Work was strange. It never fails to amaze me the amount of people who moan when asked to do their job. I am beginning to think I am the weirdo. Absences are creeping up, lots of bugs ( perhaps some cantbebothereditis) and I must be the luckiest PT out as my girls were in despite having no sleep, sounding like eartha kitt, juggling families and being knackered. Still in. Still fabulous. Well some oscar winning performances anyway. Dashed off to a meeting about Gaelic and as we arrived through the official doors of the 2nd floor, we were asked ” are you two needing a room?” Eh? I of course immediately started laughing and my colleague ( who is a new colleague) looked at me and went bright red when I piped up ” well he could buy me a coffee first”
Cannot beat the banter.
Wee lady on top form tonight. Swimming followed by a Chinese and some time on the couch. She’s hurt her toe and we are at the stage where a plaster pretty much heals anything. She’s hopping about.
And all is well.

Points suspended as it’s the weekend….


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