Hello, Pete’s Taxi…….



Chez les parents for the weekend with the wee lady and that is always going to involve some hobbits getting together. There was a long overdue catch up with my partner in crime and we booked our taxi to pick me up then herself. I love the fact that we’ve used the same taxi driver for 20 years and when you phone him he always says ” hi hen, at your mums? going to get c?”
Pete could tell you quite a few things that may or may not be true or give me a real red face but what is heard in the taxi, stays in the taxi. ( ok so I dread to think but he has heard the boyfriend stories, the chat about outfits, the hen days….)
We arrived at the restaurant and the chat only stopped to order. ( terrible choice for vegetarians again – we really are not that weird but honestly the days of a pasta bake are surely gone?)
We talked through some things that were going on round about us and about our work. I love listening to her tell me about it. She’s not in education so I am fascinated listening about training and development that she does to maintain her practice. I often wonder how many other professions jump through the hoops that we often have to.
We finished our meals and decided to visit a few old haunts. I don’t know what were expecting as the landscape of the place has really changed, but we didn’t know a soul. We were asked where we were from…..apparently we don’t look local. That may have been as we had our clothes on ( jackets, scarves the lot) the clothes were not black ( wearing colour shocker) and we were smiling!
We talked and laughed all night, and there was some serious Tena lady moments. The type that only someone who has known you all your life would understand.
A woman went to the bar beside us and she must have been about 70. She ordered 4 shots of something and then delved into her chest for the £20 to pay it. You couldn’t make this stuff up!
And so it goes.
Time spent chatting and laughing with some food thrown is always time well spent. Sleeping of your mobile phone as it sends messages to everyone and their granny on whatsapp, text and email is not good. Honestly …….

Mammy points – 10/10 some seriously good mammy time in the hairdresser
Manolo points – 10/10 braved the heels and the quote of the night was ” is everyone else really small or are just really tall? 4inch heels, we are just really tall!


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