All that you can’t leave behind…..

“Are you happy with that then?” 10 minutes to check over a job spec for my replacement and I suddenly felt like my world had turned on its axis. That may explain my recent 3am alarm calls.
Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about the new post but letting go of the reins in my department is going to be very hard.
I also need to remember that it’s the right thing for me. I think.
That quote about how people come into your life, leave foot prints on your heart and how you are never left the same could not better sum up what working with learners in my school has meant.
My department has also been a joy to work with. The new PT is going to find themselves surrounded by some of the best teaching talent in languages in the land.
Monday was a big mix of emotions, but overall, I still think it’s the right decision.
Now to pack.

Mammy points-lots. She’s sleeping on me right now
Methodology- 8/10
Manolos 7/10 bog standard shoes today, time to hit the shops!


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