It’s the little things……


It is indeed the wee things that matter. (Well except when it comes to the first G and T on a Friday)
A few wee things happened on Sunday that really made such an impression on me, it made a bonkers day much easier to get through yesterday. It really is very easy to get caught up in really daft things at work and I found myself yet again staring a computer screen at emails wondering if people felt better after venting their spleen virtually. Now I don’t mean like a blog or diary, more like the virtual equivalent of getting your face rubbed up and down a rough cast wall for ten minutes.
Then I had a cuppa and got on with the wee things that matter. The weans.
But let’s get back to sunday.
Ok, so confession time, there really isn’t anything cool about me at all and this next revelation won’t help that. I’m a pipe organist. Handy for weddings and funerals though. On Sunday I was playing and a lady came up to the pipes and was running her hand along them. What I hadn’t realised is that this lady is hard of hearing. She was trying to gauge the pitch of the notes. She had taken out her hearing aids. She then asked if she could sing – her husband was standing right beside her and honestly, there I was crying as she sang her wee heart out. Pitch perfect I may add.
Then another lady stopped me and asked me if I still did the soup kitchen. She have me a considerable amount of money and said please use this. This woman is a full time carer to her husband, has significant health issues herself so doesn’t have a lot of money to be giving away. She asked me to give it to someone who really needs it and told me I was doing her a favour. I was doing her a favour? I had just had a wee bit of humility slapped into me in the space of ten minutes.
The last lovely wee thing that happened was a late afternoon walk with the wee lady and her friend, we sauntered up to the fields to feed the horses as the sun was going down. Walking through the trees and long grass had the girls giggling away and I loved watching them run ( probably should have been over a hill shouting freedom!) That carefree attitude when everything is simple. I have space therefore I run.
A wonderful day.


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