I would have worn a bikini……..



But I didn’t want to give you the boak.
When will I learn to rein it in……
We had some pretty important visitors to the department today looking at why our department has turned round so quickly, both I terms of attainment and uptake.
We did the usual of learner conversations, observations and then did a wee teachmeet where we had the chance to talk about our own teaching and learning journey.
May I share the three comments that I came away with that quite frankly were even outrageous for me
1. What, you are getting your mum Ebola for Christmas?
2. Well apparently I was having an affair with the headteacher and the deputy headteacher
3. ( to the headteacher) well I would have worn my bikini for Mardi gras but it would have given you the boak.
There was a context to all of it. Honestly! But it did give me the chance to reflect once again on the great fun and hard work that has been done I the department in such a short space of time and there is a big part of me that will find it very hard to leave. However….
So, I didn’t get sacked for being outrageous , thankfully my girls are far more professional. It was telling though that our visitors commented on how when they spoke to the kids and asked about what advice would you give to schools about languages and they said, we would tell them to come to our department. I have been involved in learning community meetings over the past few weeks and I keep banging on about evidence coming from what the weans do. No better proof than how they weans engage, work with and respect you.

I left school pretty sharp and was home to make dinner. The little lady and I then cuddled up under the duvet to practice her reading before bath time and more reading of mr.stink by David Walliams.
Thank you Thursday, you were indeed a hoot.

Mammy points 9/10
Methodology points not a lot of teaching so suspending the points
Manolos – nae points as very old comfy shoes for the go faster element.


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