So you know how this works…. You should always listen to the YouTube link for the tune while reading.
I’ve been a wee tiny bit out of action so hopefully going back to more regular posting. This weekend was a lovely celebration for one of my best friends, finally got her happy ever after.
I’ve already come clean about my uncool music playing it is handy when there is a wedding and my gift to my friend was the music. It is a real honour to be asked to be part of someone’s wedding as it adds the wee layer of magic round a ceremony in whatever shape or form that takes. My friend had thought about music that meant a lot to her and I wanted to make sure we did it justice. I always get really nervous before playing for my friends ( have been known to throw up before weddings with nerves)
I went to the rehearsal with her and practiced walking down the aisle with her and I don’t mind saying I had a wee tear. But she was warned within an inch of her life to take her time. Did that happen? No. She was up that aisle before I’d even got onto the 8th bar of music! I did a run round the guests to get back to the other side to play the piano and honestly, it could not have gone better.the original line up of musicians had changed a bit and throat infections and commitments and the like got on the way but playing with P and S was absolutely brilliant. Clicking like that musically is great and it’s also lovely to be part of a group. We laugh a lot as we play as we quite often catch each other out at some musical trickery or embellishment. P and S are both outstanding musicians so I do find myself really upping my game with them. We had our friend S join us to sing last night and when the happy couple when to sing the register I can only describe the sound as magical. The celebrant quite right pointed out that the happy couple won’t listen to that tune again in the same way. I might not play it again in the same way.
We were also doing the music for the ceilidh and it was an absolute riot. I hurt from laughing and playing for as long. P and I play scottish sets, S plays Irish ones, so we had a real mix. We played, vamped , called dances and maybe there was a song about Santa sung in Gaelic. Laugh? It was a proper Tena lady evening. However, that is what music should do. No, not make you pee yourself. It should move, calm and settle the soul.
We came back to the city and decided we were not finished playing. There may have been a small late night session of playing, only to have to get up and play again this morning for a group of special needs children. There was not a dry eye in the house. Souls were stirred and moved.
The tune on this post takes me back about 18 years to when I first met A. He and his family have become real treasures to me over that time, and although I don’t see them anywhere as often as I should, we always make a point of when we are in the country snatching that ten minutes. This was a tune that we used to sing and the whistles would come out and many verses sung. It’s amazing that you can listen to a song that reminds you of a time, place and a person.
I hope we did that for the happy couple.


2 thoughts on “Music……

  1. If that happy couple were as happy as us, and with all the whistling chanting and humming going on its a sure thing that music welds the bonds!! It’s true!!


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