A brighter star than you will shine someday….



Woke up this morning to the wee lady saying “mummy it’s good to have a normal day”
What, a day when I fly out the door at 7 am and the makeup gets done in the car while I balance tea on my knee and try to have a sensible conversation ( a rarity) but what is a normal day? After a really hectic week it has been nice to have a more sensible timetable to work from. Sounding like Pat Butcher is certainly giving me an excuse to rest the voice. Hurray shouts the world.
I’ve finally shed the guilt about not being able to take the wee one to school. Don’t get me wrong I would scratch your eyes out to be able to do it but that is how it goes. Part of me is jealous of the mums who can take their wee people to school as I feel I miss out on the chat with them. However,being in for dinner and doing the bath and stories is so important and shy of a night of professional discussion in a designated area then I’m the story teller.

I’ve used phrases about mums a lot this week and I was reminded by the kids about some of my more classic anecdotes this week:
– do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
– don’t do anything that would bring shame to your mother’s door
– I’m not our mother so pick up yourself, and to be quite honest, your mother wouldn’t do it either.

One of the boys shouted out “Miss, I need you” as we worked through some challenging work and I commented on how that is what my wee lady says. One of the boys piped up that he wished he could say that to his mum.
Food for thought.
anyway, the Christmas tree is up, the lights are on, the crib is up and the Reyes are from home.
Most teachers I know are running on empty at the moment,but we have to be ok. Well especially when a 5 year old shouts,”mummy I need you” or a 14 year old pupil does the same.

Mammy points 10/10
Methodology 9/10 not a bad day….
Manolo points 7/10 poor show of shoes today, the Birkenstocks ended up on at work – a total give away that the bones are in bits!


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