The man with a child in his eyes…..or not as it would appear…..


I’ve been musing as to whether to write about this but the it sits quite nicely with what has been going through my mind for a few days.
Teachers who hate weans. I mean not in bad way but see them as a necessary evil of the job. I’ve dealt with many teachers who inflame situations to the point where kids are reaching melting point,staff reaching melting point and it all goes a bit pete tong.
Child at the centre.
And it’s the worst weapon we can use – our mouth.
Just because they don’t learn the way we teach …..we should look at what we are doing.
I’m working with a teacher at the moment who makes me want to poke my eye out with a fork.
Their lack of care for children, the brutal comments and misinformation conveyed to children by this teacher is enough for me to shout exit stage left.
I watched this teacher then had some conversations with the learners and they certainly put me straight. Some of it was so so sad. Now they had worked on this particular lesson for weeks as they knew I was coming in. One piped up that I wasn’t scary at all. Aye, that’s me scary spice. Better hair. But I have the pearls on, yer in bother.
There will be pearls for the next meeting.
This teacher has already communicated with their line manager that they don’t agree with my verbal feedback but is looking forward to some professional dialogue.
You didn’t. Please do not pass go.Do not collect £200.
Oh well, if only it was that easy.

Mammy points – some serious mamma points with Michael Jackson dancing
Methodology points – suspended
Manolo points – suspended due to weather ( see next post)


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