Tottering for a tiny


Aye,am still on about weans. It’s been a busy weekend but a good one. The wee lady had her swimming lessons on Friday and I watched as the instructors paid such attention to the wee group she was in. There was a wee boy who looked like he was petrified of the water but the patience that this girl showed with him was brilliant. It made me think about the wee people in our lessons that are petrified. Petrified to make a mistake, petrified of speaking out and petrified of people laughing at them. Particularly in my subject all of these reasons can be a major factor in children not engaging. That wee bit of patience and one to one encouragement was just what the wee boy in the water needed. It was a it like some of my boys on Friday. We were doing an assessment and one of them started the rolling of the eyes and the whole Kevin the teenager thing. He got started and I popped a wee post it on his paper ” keep going, I am proud of you” and what a difference that made. He didn’t say anything, just smiled and got tore right in, he actually did really well but just needed that wee bit of reassurance and to know that I thought he could do it.
Saturday……I had a rare weekend on my own, took the wee lady to grandmas and came back to city after a night with the hobbits.
A bit late but rocked up to the departmental day out much later than everyone else. My very lovely friend gave me a lift which was good as I had the heels on but as we got into park we came across a wee tiny standing in a onesie inside the multi story car park. Cue me getting out the car, legs akimbo in 3″ heels. Tottering after the wee boy and chatting to see if I could get any sense. Got into the shopping centre and he thought this was a great game. Finally found a woman who said she had been looking for him, his mum was over at McDonald’s. She let rip with a mouthful at him and he ran away again.
When I said to her he had been in the car park she was not in the least not bothered.
Who was looking after that wee tiny? Who was keeping him safe and secure? When I think of how precious my wee lady is to me, to see others with that attitude is so sad. Previously you needed a license for a dog…………..just saying.
Rant over.
The night out was very funny,9-5 with alternative lyrics, some mental outfits and the general nonsense. Singed hair, chips and a cheese and onion pastie. A, P and W – outrageous and I love you!

Mammy points – well if it was the mother who let her wean wander in a car park it would be 0
Manolos – 10/10 the skyscrapers were on
Methodology suspended for the weekend


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