Never not game……..


Well, I have been trying to settle the wee lady for an hour and she is hyper. Shattered but hyper. Every time I look at her or catch her eye she starts laughing and so do I.
It’s like trying to give a wean a serious talking too when secretly inside you are killing yourself laughing.
What a strange and mental week.
Good, bad , indifferent.
This time of year can be so hard for people, there is such pressure to have a nice time, to enjoy yourself to be with family. Sometimes all you want to do is eat your own body weight in chocolate, read books and stay in your Jammies. Nothing left in the tank.
However, we are not done yet.
Still getting to grips with the Gaelic part of the remit and I seem to read lots of documentation but still find myself pointing like a baby asking “what’s that” luckily I have my special advisor who just laughs, humours me and keeps it all in perspective.
We had a busy day on wed and with the ladies we arranged the advent service for staff. It wed really nice and chance to wind down but the amount of people who could not even spend 10 mins chatting or being sociable was outrageous.
A music rehearsal for Christmas morning had me in stitches. I know it’s not meant to be that funny but seriously, it was like an episode of still game and I thank my lucky stars for the people I play with.
We don’t do a lot of practice, we just get the craic and pretend to practice. Never not game…….
So last day of term tomorrow and I am ready for it,
Ready for a wee break and my own body weight in chocolate. And whiskey.
That’s a lot of chocolate. And I won’t be saying “that’s enough”

Points suspended for the holidays


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