We’re just here for the banter…..



Last day of term yesterday and it was a wee hoot. The wee lady is still struggling with the sleep at the moment so it’s been a bit difficult getting up!
Arrived into school and got the coffee on. Cannot beat fresh coffee in the morning and I love that the weans come in for it too. One of my boys brought me I. Some green and blacks and a wee bell to ” ring for coffee” we sat and blethered and the rest of the department appeared in. We popped on some Christmas music and it was a morning of drinking coffee and eating chocolate. The pupils were in and out and I loved that they were quite happy just to sit and chat. Some of the girls were talking about how they like maths as it’s logical and they just get peace to work.then they commented that they love our corridor and classes for the atmosphere and that they feel welcome. Every time I have the conversation about health and well-being, this is what’ve talk about. H&WB is not about running about, it starts from the minute the kids arrive in school. Do they feel safe, welcomed, happy………..
Our department is beginning to become a bit of a safe haven for children who need to get out-of-the-way of the traffic in the morning and at break. I don’t think there is a bigger compliment than that for health and well-being, or as the weans see it – just there for the banter.
At the end of term service, one of the seniors told the assembly there was not place he’d rather be as he was with his family at school.

Looking forward to a wee day of H&WB with my own wee lady.


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