It’s not always the most wonderful time the year you know…..


You can feel the at atmosphere building and the panic buying has kicked in. The pressure on people to have a lovely time at Christmas, spend it with family from far-flung corners and buy more expensive gifts than you need.
Most of us would actually be quite happy with a long lie, and someone to make the dinner!
Don’t get me wrong I cannot wait to head to the coast for a week and be at my folks. We will spend time with people we like, probably play music and chat into the wee small hours. The misplaced sense of duty to visit people you don’t usually talk to or have nights out with people who usually don’t talk to you any way is not something I am guilty of. Shove it.
It’s often a difficult time for people and some of my very close girlfriends are going through a tough time right now. Some people doing the walking on eggs shells things, some not talking at all, and some down right eejits wishing them a lovely holiday and a happy new year.
This is the Christmas where grief is biting one of my best pals on the bum square every day and no amount of holly, sherry or Christmas carols is going to make this better. A blue bird might though.
Another friend is going through the same and Christmas night will always be a challenge, sometimes you just need to accept that you are going to feel sad.
My neighbour is struggling health wise at the mo but popped down to say hello with the wee lady. He’s not well enough to be heading away for Christmas or even spend it with his partner so I found myself offering to do Christmas dinner for him before we make for the great escape. He accepted with a minute to consider.
The wee lady then decided to make a menu for him to choose from. She’s no daft.
The very thought of people being on their own always makes me sad.
There are so many of my children at school who will struggle over the holidays between loss of routine, safe place to go, neglect and loneliness.

A wee thought for those who don’t find this the most wonderful time of the year. Some times the words won’t come out but the hugs do.


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