Just abre la boca and wait for the fuego…..



Or something like that.
It’s been a good few days for meeting up with pals, albeit I am sounding like pat butcher again!
There were shenanigans behind the red door on Monday night and of course when you get a group of teachers together there is always going to be a small riot. PerhAps that is more indicative of my friends……
We didn’t chat so much about work this time but the wee lady just loved it and after a day that saw Glasgow face another tragedy, I was glad to have the people I consider family round me.
Yes, especially those who had returned back to motherland for our Christmas drop on clinic.
I had the joy of going out with two favourite Latin ladies for lunch and honestly, if there was ever a role model you would want for yourself and daughters – here you go. Instant passion, drive, commitment and trouble with a small t…….
I met these two estrellas a number of years back as we travelled through Central SpAin at the invitation of the Spanish Government. We quickly bonded over our shared disdain of the others we were with and our commitment to teaching and learning.
We’ve maintained a great friendship and I could literally spend hours listening to the pair of these chicas sucias (tongue firmly in cheek!) As we had our apero at 12.15 before lunch( these ladies are hardcore) I was struck by just how much us ladies need role models as much as the weans. That quote about you never know who you are inspiring? These ladies had me from hola. We told stories, talked about my new love for Gaelic, swapped tales about dodgy photos sent by mistake ( eh p!) and how we love bright coloured frocks and being a mama.
We were in a restaurant where the chef was doing all kinds of trickery with sharp objects and every so often he would instruct us to open our mouths so he could flick food on.
Abre la boca? Chase yersel son. The fuego was another story, but what happens with P and M, stays with them. P- my love as you go on your new adventure and I can’t wait to be part of it with you….
These are proper mammies, who rock the methodology in higher education and could give me a good run for my money on the Manolo stakes.
Chicas picantes, I salute you.


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