Book club…….


I have long been jealous of my friends who are part of a book club. It seems so posh and grown up. I remember when I first started university and the book list nearly killed me. My friend and I had to take forward a tutorial on a book and we had basically read the first and last chapters and spent the entire 20 minutes agreeing with each other and making what we thought were intellectual noises. What a hoot! I rediscovered my love for French and Spanish literature a bit later and made sure I always read the books even when I was ready to poke my eyes out with a stick when it seemed too hard.
I could happily spend hours curled up with a book (I’ve written about it before) and I am enjoying a wee bit of time to read at the moment. I was given some recommendations in the summer for books and while initially one or two were a bit difficult to get in to, I enjoyed them. I think sometimes when you are given a recommendation you often feel you need to read it even if it is not entirely your thing.
Books , like music, for me are really personal and there is a wee bit of the baring of the soul when I share it. Unless I really know and understand a person I find myself holding back a wee bit. Remember the days when you made a mix tape? I still have a mix tape from 1996 that I made for my most fabulous C and it still makes me laugh every time I look at the cover. I could share all the songs with her as they meant some thing to us(nights out, nights in, days spent walking on the beach, exams, THAT holiday)
Recommending a book ……..I always have some safe ones up my sleeve, ones that won’t offend or will give a giggle when it’s needed. I was asked for a recommendation tonight and it was quite easy. I think when you know the person you can let them in to the things that catch your attention and hold it.
A really good bit of advice I took on board as a trainee teacher was that I had to give enough away about myself so that the kids knew I was human.
Letting the shield down and allowing someone in on the magic you use to escape.
Bit like teaching, letting the shield down and allowing the weans in on the magic, like sharing a good book. And if you are really lucky, a mix tape.


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