All that glitters …..


What is going on with this weather? There was much excitement in the shire as the wee lady looked out the window to the ground sparkling! Jack Frost and his pal the ice man had been having a smashing time. We were out early and there was much delight at leaving footprints in the grass. We were out on an ice hunt later and trekking over land that is very familiar to us usually looked like it had been through a makeover for the Frozen film. The wee lady asked me if it was like in the tinkerbell film when the frost fairies covered the forest in frost to preserve things. I could have burst with pride ( c’mon the fairies) and if you loved something the ice would melt like in Frozen.
She was quiet for a minute then asked if that was like putting food in the freezer, would that keep it safe?
And that my friends is blooms taxonomy from a five-year old.
We spotted different footprints in the grass, talked about the trees without a dress ( no leaves) had a wee glide on the ice patches, looked at the different types of ice and generally tottered along laughing and enjoying a very fine if very cold day.
Again, it made me reflect on our ability to over complicate things and use jargon in education. Here was my little lady analysing, applying, recalling blah blah blah all while we were out enjoying some item together.
We came to the conclusion that just because something was sparkly didn’t always mean it was safe, well except for shoes.
In my case though,they inevitably get me in trouble.
Two new pairs of shoes today.
Job done.


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