This is the one…..


Cannot believe it’s Hogmanay. Here you are 2014’voici la Porte. Aye, we’re done.
Bit the bullet and went to the docs today and more meds than you could sell at an 80s rave. The last few days have given me some time to catch up on my reading and the bloggers that I follow. It’s proper serious blogging and very well done. Educational theories and political commentary, it does make for some very thought-provoking stuff. I’m amazed at the time people take over theirs, but I am glad they do as I have found to an invaluable source of professional reading. This one, was more a challenge to myself to have the discipline to do it and musings on trying to balance it all.
2014 : ooooft you were a bitch.
Lots of lovely things happened this year and professionally it was one of the most satisfying of my career so far. I’m not saying it was easy, but it was a hoot. Some very challenging situations professionally which either kill you or make you stronger. Guess what? I’m still here.
I’ve learned a lot about people, politics and the most important of all, weans.
I’ve taught the most wonderful weans, trained some of the most gifted teachers and had the chance to learn from some seriously talented educationalists.

I’ve also had the joy of sharing lots of special moments with fellow mammies where we talk of our daily battles keeping it all going. This may or may not have take place over a bottle of bubbles and I don’t mean irn Bru. And the ladies that are aunties, who remind us that it’s ok to still be yourself. It’s been a year of realising who are family and who you know well enough for them to be honest with you.

There have been tough times. Times where I’ve not known how to make it ok and no amount of superwoman cape was every going to make right, easy or less painful for some of my closest friends. We’ve resorted to type: lots of chatting ( even virtually) laughing, crying, cakes and well, pink fizz.
There have also been the times when these mammies and Manolo wearers ( and bringers of the jakey bags and green and blacks dealers)have been the ones to pull me out from under the bus when I was thrown under it or fell under it. It happens…..

But the highlight of this year? My wee lady without a doubt. The most wonderful thing is to say I am her mammy. I’ve laughed with her, danced, painted, baked, chatted and hugged like my life depended on it. I’ve had a riot with her and she is the best tonic for a cloudy day.

Oh aye, I’ve been on holiday. Back to the methodology on Monday…..bring it on 2015. You are shaping up to be quite and adventure and I have the perfect shoes…..


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