Dream on …..



A very happy new year from the couch. I’ve pretty much been in the same position for a few days. That’s the challenge of being ill, actually doing nothing! I’ve found myself saying things like I’m better off at work ….eh? Oh aye because I don’t get I’ll at work!
We have a departmental twitter account and we did a wee review of the year in photos and it was amazing. We sometimes forget about the multitude of wee things we do that are actually big successes. It resonated with me as I was reading a bunch of posts on teacher 5 a day and the things we can do to nurture ourselves as teachers and to keep healthy. Not just physically, but psychologically and emotionally.
Health and well-being for teachers.
There is a particular magazine that I have read for years and it’s nice mix of reportage, commentaries and lifestyle but one of the columns really stood out.
It was a woman commenting on how every year she had the same 3 or 4 things on her resolutions and inevitably didn’t do them, just too big. So she decided to do lots of wee things instead, I think this is the way to go indeed!
The little lady and I have made 2 agreements and they are going to be very special to us, it will impact greatly on my health and well-being and time with her. Happy wee lady, happy mammy.
The rest should fall into place……with the right shoes….


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