Clean limbed, handsome, bewitching young hussy……..imagine…..


So the Christmas decorations are down and the Easter eggs are in the shops already. Of course here in bonnie Scotland we are gearing up for all sorts of shenanigans for Celtic Connections and Burns Night. I was asked to reply to the toast to the lasses for a Burns Supper in a few weeks time and despite the fact that I have known since June, pen was only put to paper in the last week. I have been book marking pages and sending myself emails as things occur to me but then the task of distilling all that down for an unknown audience…..hmmmm.
So we have established that I am a bit sad what with the organ playing etc but I was brought up on burns, hailing from the shire. The first piece of music I ever learned to play on keyboard before I started the organ was a burns piece.
My dad had this manky old book that is no doubt worth a bit of money now with poems and music in and he taught me from that.
We had wonderful teachers at school and one in particular loved burns and at primary we used to give it yahoo with burns suppers and songs.
It’s never left me and over the years I have spoken at a few suppers and attended many more.
I’m not sure of the audience, I know it’s mixed but I would imagine I’ll deviate right off script anyway.
The whole process has made me reflect a wee bit on how I work with students for speaking assessments. I have literally gone through the process I teach them, notes, plan, key constructions, coloured pens, post it notes etc…..
I’m going to leave the speech now and come back to it next week with a fresh view and add in or take out ( using different colours)
I’ll type it up in large font and then go for it on the night. I have a confession that I do have the gown but alas the shoes for this are so far evading me. Mission accepted.
The president of the burns club told me it was custom to give the speaker a gift. He presumed I would like malt whiskey rather than flowers.
Aye son. Yer not wrong.

P.s the burns fans amongst you will recognise the description of Jean. it’s been a long time since I was described as young……


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