Somethings get better with age……

I had a lovely message from a lovely pal from my uni days. I knew we were going to be pals as he blew 90% of his student loan on a limited edition vox valve amp that was purple. “Look what I found in the loft”and he sends me a picture of some photos of me at my stunning best at 18. Ok so one of them I have on some lovely dungarees and someone’s dug is sitting beside me but the other one still makes me laugh and it’s from my 18th birthday. I had a ceilidh and the great and good from school, uni and work were at it. A total hoot. I started the night in a lovely dress then got changed for a bet into a pair of tartan tights and a take that t- shirt. We are talking 20 years ago. And just for effect, tartan Doc Martins, I was indeed a style queen. ( did I omit the black velvet shorts?couldn’t get them up one leg now if I tried) the hair is still wild, dark but unmistakably wild. Somethings don’t change.
It made me laugh ( secretly cursing you a!) and I just gently reminded him that some things get better with age.
(Certainly my taste in music but I do still look longingly at those shorts)
Am feeling good about going back to work tomorrow. A lot of my friends have been saying how they need a wee bit of routine and to get away from the crisps, dips and chocolate. ( I’ll just pop them in the bag)I’m looking forward to seeing the weans and getting the news, preparing for a move and starting a new chapter.
And most definitely a decent work life balance. Do we ever get better at that as we get older?
Don’t see nearly enough of A but with both us having wee ladies, when we do its precious and for the record A, yer hair is lovely with age……x


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